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Ale is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages know to man dating back to at least the 5th millennium BC. It was recorded in the history of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Chemical tests of ancient pottery jars reveal that beer was produced about 7,000 years ago in what is today Iran, and is one of the first-known biological processes to use fermentation. In Mesopotamia, there is evidence of beer on a 6,000 year old Sumerian tablet which depicts people drinking a through reed straws from a communal bowl.

Ale that was brewed before the Industrial Revolution continued to be made and sold on a domestic scale, however by the 7th century beer was also being produced and sold by many monasteries. During the Industrial Revolution, the production of beer moved from the rural, amateur process to an industrial manufactured process. By the end of the 19th century domestic ale brewing had ceased almost completely.

Today, the brewing industry is a global business, dominated by a handful of multinational companies. However, there are many smaller breweries ranging from brew-pubs to regional breweries.

Stocklinch Ales, is a small, microbrewery that I started in 2012 to honour the original traditional approach to brewing real ales and, to realise a passion.

I run Stocklinch Ales from a small, traditional barn on a farm, where I have my brewery and a small bar. Here, visitors can taste a real ale made in the traditional way with no added colourings, additives, chemicals, sugars, or indeed any other ingredients to enhance its flavour or increase the natural life of Ale.

Read more about my passion for Real Ales by clicking om the  ‘My Ales’ page below .

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