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As you may have read under my History Of Ale page - Ale was originally a natural drink, although these days, commercial breweries add all sorts of other chemicals and additives. At Stocklinch ales, I only brew real ale which I brew in the traditional way, I just use hops, malt, yeast and water. That’s it!

From these four simple, natural ingredients, and my own recipes, I am able to produce various different tasting ales of various strengths in the traditional manner. 

Before I can use barley for brewing, it has to be malted, when it has been malted, is perfect for brewing ale as each kernel contains carbohydrates, enzymes and proteins. This simple process of malting stimulates the germination cycle. My malt supplier dampens barley kernels which encourages them to sprout causing which results in them producing natural malt sugars that I need during the mashing process. It is these natural malt sugars, in addition to the proteins, that contribute to the final colour, flavor, sweetness and body of my ales.

Very few micro breweries do their own malting owing to the costs involved, instead I use a local malting company to supply me my malts.


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